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Event Planning and Red Carpets


Andrea Elizabeth Michaels founded Extraordinary Events. In 1973, while she did work for an orchestra, Michaels became interested in the concept of event planning as a business unto itself, a niche market for which no model existed at the time. She set out then to bring the big spectacle of stadiums and theme parks to corporate events, thus establishing almost from thin air a demand for increased innovation, and ultimately paving the way to many awards. It goes without saying that she had to buy red carpet, though this was but one of her responsibilities.

Michaels influences were by Tommy Walker and Bob Jani, two premier event planners out of Disney. Once a bandleader, Tommy Walker climbed to director of entertainment at Disneyland, a kind of ongoing event requiring constant planning, and a precedent for the profession of event planning.  His work also included the Olympics, shorter but still very ambitious events. Bob Jani on the other hand also did events with Disney. He is famous for SuperBowl half-time shows. Both Walker and Jani had to buy red carpets for their events, though their careers no doubt did not pivot on these purchases.

Walker and Jani worked with large businesses and planned their corporate events. Event planning as a profession today is also targeted toward the individual. Planners use skills to bring spectacle into otherwise humdrum celebrations. Event planning is a tied to red carpets, but not limited to them.

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