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Avatar, The Red Carpet and Environmental Awareness


The film Avatar by writer and director James Cameron is not only one of the highest grossing films in history, it is also a transparent allegory about imperialism and human impact on the environment. Why is James Cameron interested in the environment? Probably for many of the same reasons that so many of us are, but having married an environmental activist probably helps.

Suzy Amis Cameron has been fighting on behalf of the environment for years. She has intersected her own work with that of her husband’s by targeting the red carpet as a place to raise awareness about environmental issues. Her platform for doing this is a contest called “Red Carpet Green Dress.”

This contest pushes designers across the globe to design red carpet dresses designed from sustainable resources and materials. A list is provided by the contest guidelines and entrants are expected to rival those fashions showcased on the red carpet runners at shows like the Oscars.

So no, unlike Avatar, this contest does not invoke and awaken the power of the locale environment in its struggle — no carpets barrel through the paparazzi, no dresses rip cameras from the air, no stars rampage in the name of what is right. That is because this is not a blockbuster film. This is real life. And these are real dresses. For real people. Mae from real fabric.

And that is real cool.

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