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High-End Fundraisers Need High-End Decor


Over the last few weeks there have been numerous fundraisers to help raise money and awareness for the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. With the holidays coming up–a traditional boom period for fundraisers and special not-for-profit events–there are no signs of these events slowing down.

To make your fundraiser stand out from the crowd, perhaps an air of elegance is in order. While initial Sandy events might have coalesced around a certain austerity, as rescue turns into recovery, the need for larger investments will become clear. To tap into these rarefied circles of larger donors, you might have to expand on the elegance of your event, perhaps with higher quality refreshments or some upgrades in the decor.

A black tie fundraiser would not be what it is without a red carpet runner. For many people just getting into the world of high-end philanthropy, there may be some curiosity as to where to buy a red carpet. Look no further than Event Rugs; we are here to get you the rug you need at the best price possible.

Good luck with all of your endeavors. Raising money for a good cause is always a noble pursuit, and with our help you can make it high-class event.

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