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Wine Blends Right into a Red Carpet


red carpetsOne of the features that makes an event really pop is the presence of a bar. Elegant events call for an elegant selection of wines, whether you are entertaining visiting clients for your company or trying to raise money for a cause. In all cases, the presence of wine leaves the area vulnerable to sudden spills of said wine. Luckily, you have already rolled out the red carpet and those spills will be barely noticeable for the duration of your event.

It is interesting red carpet is so synonymous with the kind of gala events that always lead to copious wine drinking–interesting and also quite convenient for the proprietors and hosts of these events. Rather than obsessing over the tilting glasses of tipsy revelers, you can just enjoy your event knowing that even a wine spill is likely to blend into the red carpet.

As with any carpet, the rules for cleaning a spill from a red carpet are the same. Blot, do not rub, and a little club soda can go a long way. Still, chances are that in midst of an event, you might not even notice those spills. Which is okay because all wines blend in pretty easily with a red carpet!

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