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Get Your Own Red Carpet for the Oscars


red carpetIf red carpet season, more commonly known as “awards season,” is something that thrills you, chances are you have big plans for Oscar night. The Academy Awards are a culmination of weeks of speculation on who will win and what people will wear. With Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and a host of other celebrities, the red carpet arrivals are likely to be a source of serious excitement this year.

You can join in on the action for your own Oscar party. Cook up a few classy appetizers, chill the champagne and make your Oscar party into a formal affair with your own red carpet runner. You will soon find guests tickled at the effort you put in to make them feel like legitimate VIPs. Take some well shot photos and make the night one for real revelry for you and your guests.

Following awards season this far is a good indicator that it is very important to you. Making your annual Oscar party all that it can be is a great way to have everyone around you get as thrilled about the magic of the movies as you are. Make red carpets and classy snacks a tradition people want to repeat!

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