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Oscar Wrap Up from Event Red Carpet Specialists


red carpetYour dip has been either filed away for late night snacking or completely devoured by Oscar party guests. The awards have all been handed out, to a wider swath of films than usual we might add. All that is left is a few days of gawking at our favorite stars on the red carpet and kvetching about just how bad Seth MacFarland was as a host.

Award season, and with it prime red carpet season, is winding down. Luckily, as regular Americans we can trot our own red carpets out for any gala events we intend to throw ourselves. Still, it is nice to look back at the Oscars. Even if the show itself left much to be desired, the glamor was still all there on the red carpet.

By most accounts, Silver Linings Playbook star and Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence was the most stylish gal on the red carpet this year. She strutted her stuff in a long flowing gown that eventually would trip her on the way to the stage. Elsewhere, big winners like Ben Affleck and Daniel Day Lewis looked uniformly handsome in their traditional suits.

In all, it remains fun to poke around and comment on how everyone looks. It also offers a little inspiration for any of us looking to throw a big red carpet event in the near future.

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