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Red Carpets for Spring’s Arrival


buy a red carpetHaving a formal event outdoors can seem a bit off. Even if the decor, a natural and dynamic mix of greenery and brightly colored flowers, is among the most beautiful a host or hostess can request, it can still feel a little strange to be dressed to the nines and soaking in the sun.

Some light outdoor decorative flourishes can change everything. You can take your serving table and adorn it with a gorgeous and flowing table cloth before finding a crystal centerpiece. Place your food on silver serving trays, which will turn heads even as the natural noise of the outdoors keeps things lively.

A red carpet is also obviously a great way to lead guests into your springtime, outdoor party. Assuming the weather holds up, anything that might end up on your red carpet runner will likely be easily cleaned off with a vacuum or, at worst, a carpet cleaner. This is an opportune time to welcome guests–and the sunny season of spring–into your yard for a celebration. There is no reason to skimp on the decor!

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