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Venue Owners Should Buy Red Carpets


buy a red carpetLast week we discussed the importance of having red carpet runners for your wedding. Since it is prime time for getting married, we thought we might continue down that path for a second week. This time, however, we would like to single out people who own and operate venues where weddings take place.

If you manage lush green space or even just a luxurious hall, you should absolutely have your own long red carpets at your disposal. Not only is it a nice convenience for guests who plan on renting your space out for their special occasion, it is a billable added service. Within months of purchasing your red carpet, you will be sure to make money back on the investment, and your guests will be thrilled to check off “red carpet” from their own to-do list.

Red carpets can be easily stored in closets or basements and are easy to clean as well. Frankly, if you have your own carpet for events, you are simply adding extra value to your space with little to no effort at all. So buy a red carpet, and make your space a more worthwhile venue for young lovebirds looking to tie the knot.

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