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A Red Carpet Cruise


If there’s one thing that screams luxury, it’s a luxury cruise liner. And with great luxury comes a great responsibility to impress, on the part of both cruise guests and the onboard staff. While a mammoth sea vessel alone is rather impressive, guests on a cruise will see the interior of the ship more than anything else, which is why the interior decorations need to be cohesively lush. A red carpet runner is the perfect way to tie together the decor of any luxury liner and make guests feel like royalty. Rolling out a red carpet is also a great way to welcome them aboard.

The many diverse settings within a cruise ship warrant carpet runners on their own. Cruise ships regularly contain dance clubs, restaurants, VIP lounges, entertainment spaces, and pool decks. Guests dressed to impress on a night of dancing will feel the part just as much as they look the part as they approach the pulsing music on a vivid red carpet. Those looking forward to fine cuisine will expect the best, as will those seeking top-quality entertainment. On a pool deck, a carpet runner serves the more practical purpose of preventing slip-ups and protecting bare feet from the hot surface.

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