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Recent Red Carpet Events in New York


Red carpetsredcarpet are most notoriously used for major public events, although having one for prom, a private party or just as a runner in your home can be awesome too. Still, when it comes to red carpets, we often think of celebrities and cameras. Some major red carpet events have taken place in the past couple of weeks here in New York City:

2013 CFDA Fashion Awards: The Council of Fashion Designers Awards was held at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in the beginning of the month. ¬†Attracting stars like Sofia Vergara, Adriana Lima, Marky-Kate Olsen and more. It’s held in the city every year and celebrities show off their best looks at this fashionable night out.

World War Z Premiere: Brad Pitt was on the red carpet just days ago for the premier of World War Z; the popular novel has been adapted to film, one that many have been excited for. There was a massive crowd at the Times Square premiere.

Tony Awards: The Tony Awards were also this past month, held at Radio City Music Hall. The 67th annual awards, everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Sigourney Weaver were in attendance.

These are just some of the great events that occur in the city every year and red carpets are a must to set the tone.



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