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Recycling a Red Carpet Runner After the Event


red carpet runnersAfter the festivities have ended and it comes time to wrap up the event, a decision must be made about what to do with the red carpet runner. There are many green practices to efficiently and effectively recycle red carpet runners.

The first choice may be to keep the carpet for use at future events, but there are many other options to consider as well. What about creating a memento of the special event to serve as an heirloom? For example, if there is a red carpet runner with a monogram, the monogrammed portion could be used as a table runner for anniversaries. The monogrammed portion could also be framed to hang on a wall to serve as a reminder of the special day.

Another option to consider is donating the red carpet runner to a local church or a couple planning a wedding day. It will help those looking to cut on costs and help avoid excessive waste. Once a carpet has been thoroughly used and worn down, it can be used to cover dollies or downgraded and recycled to use for shipping crate lining.

Don’t let your carpet runner go to waste. What other uses can you come up with?

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