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Walking Down A Red Carpet


red carpet runners The red carpet is synonymous with achievement and glamour – you know you have made it big the first time you cruise that crimson runner. Make a great first impression by walking down the red carpet like a seasoned Hollywood starlet.

Prior to the event, practice walking down the red carpet while looking in a mirror. A dress rehearsal reduces the risk you will trip over a frayed hem. Buy a red carpet to keep on hand for such events.

Take a few steps down the red carpet – just far enough for everyone to see you – then strike a pose and pause for a moment. Smile as you look slowly about the room from left to right, making eye contact with the most important people in the room. Then continue down the red carpet as if you owned it.

Walk with confidence, not arrogance, and hold your head high. You want to look important yet approachable as you glide down the red carpet runner.

Never rush down the red carpet – people move faster than they realize when in the spotlight. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Give everyone else in the room an opportunity to enjoy you.

Always attend quality events that use only the finest red carpets. Quality red carpets never develop ridges or bumps to trip you up as you make your entrance.

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