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May 21, 2014
by eventrugs

Custom Rugs for Theme Parties

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 5.11.27 PMSummertime is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time of year of a theme party! It’s a known fact that everyone likes to play dress up so why not give them a reason a few months before Halloween.

Event Rugs can design a rug for any themed event. Below are a few examples of some of our favorites.

  • Child’s Birthday – Is your son or daughter really into sports? We can create a baseball field rug for play or decoration. What about Alice in Wonderland? Checkered rugs are our specialty too.
  • Weddings – Red carpets are one thing, what about red hearts? You can decorate your hall with different sized heart-shaped rugs to really set the mood.
  • Movie-themed – A yellow runner would be perfect to symbolize a yellow bricked road. I think you know what movie we’re talking about.

Keep us in mind for any one of your next events.

April 30, 2014
by eventrugs

Colors and Emotions

buy a red carpet When attending a large event, one at which there is an entrance runner, there usually tends to be high energy. People usually purchase our rugs for large events. whether it be a wedding or important gala, and these events tend to take a great deal of planning and organizing. While we offer red carpets, we also offer our aisle runners and carpets in a plethora of other colors. When choosing the color of your event rug as well as the color of the decor for your event, taking into considerations the different feelings colors represent and evoke in people is very important. After all, you want to set the right mood for your big day.

Red – Red is powerful, hot, and sexy. While this color can evoke some negative emotions, it is easy to see why this is the color most chosen for your classic event entrances. People like to make a strong statement in these scenarios, and red compliments their motives.

Green – Green is a more relaxed color. Many relate it to nature, and more earthy shades or green can evoke calm, centered feelings. Green also symbolizes new growth, and could be a perfect color for your next spring event entrance rug.

Yellow – Yellow represents joy, and tends to make people happy. Many like going with a white/yellow wedding theme. Consider a yellow aisle runner for a funky wedding.

White – White represents all that is pure, and peace. White is a favorite among aisle runners at weddings, and can be seen as the traditional color of these events. Looking to stay traditional? A white aisle runner would make for a beautiful wedding.

April 21, 2014
by Jenna Goldfarb

Springtime Weddings!

How then, do you honor both of these separate qualities at the same time? Can you successfully incorporate both the serious and the fun? You can! Many modern couples are doing just that by choosing to customize their wedding ceremonies. Rather than simply doing what has always been done, they are combining the most personal, significant of the time-honored traditions with newer, individually relevant elements. The result is a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding celebration.

Time-honored traditions

If you are planning a wedding, think carefully about what you want the ceremony to mean. Choose the traditions from the past that speak most clearly to you. Is a long, flowing dress important to you? By all means, include it. Is having your father “give you away” emotionally significant? Then it should definitely be a part of your ceremony. Whether it’s the garter, the tiered cake, or the white veil, whichever of these have meaning for you, make them a part of your special day.

New ways to celebrate

Not being tied to the old way of doing things is very liberating. It frees you to add fun, individual touches to your celebration. Have a themed wedding, for instance, and ask the guests to come in costume. Buy a red carpet and make your once-in-a-lifetime entrance in real star style. Remember, the sky’s the limit. Whatever wonderful and joyous flair you want to add — even if it’s a red carpet runner! — add it! It will make your day the truly special day it was meant to be.

April 14, 2014
by Jenna Goldfarb

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet


While it may seem like Zac Efron’s shirtless appearance is the only thing people are talking about from last night’s MTV Movie Awards, it’s not. The red carpet last night was white hot with crazy fashions and celebrity sightings.

When it comes to award show fashion, comfort is key. You want to be sure that you can walk the red carpet with ease. Rihanna showed us a fabulous, comfortable look when she walked the red carpet in what looked like a luxurious, silk bathrobe. How can you get more comfortable than that?

Another key factor, when dressing for the red carpet, is dressing for the event. It doesn’t come as a surprise that any award show that MTV produces is going to be more casual than say the Golden Globes. That’s why we’re obsessed with Shailene Woodley’s choice. Choosing to rock a pleaded leather skirt with matching cropped top was the perfect choice.

Regardless of the event, the red carpets are always swarming with fabulous fashions.

March 24, 2014
by eventrugs

Planning Your Birthday? Make an Entrance in Style with Event Rugs

When it’s your birthday, it’s a time when all eyes should focus on you in celebration. You’ll want to make the most of the day, with your favorite food and drinks, surrounded by loving friends, family and other well-wishers. Now, you can feel like a million bucks by walking down the red carpet on the way to your next big birthday event.

We are used to seeing red carpets rolled out to honor celebrities at Hollywood events, as well as to signify the importance of politicians and other prominent public figures. On your birthday, you deserve to be treated like a king as well! A red carpet is the perfect way to bring a touch of class and style to your birthday party.

Just imagine getting dressed up and having all eyes upon you as you walk up to the venue where your party is being held, striding on a beautiful, long red carpet.

buy a red carpet At EventRugs.com, we are devoted to helping people buy a red carpet that will turn an ordinary affair into a day to remember. You can set up our red carpets outside leading to the event, as well as inside buildings, such as in your home or at a venue that you’ve selected to host a large birthday party.

You’ll want to make sure that you select the highest quality red carpet, with a vibrant color and no ridges, bumps or other imperfections that might cause you or your guests to stumble. Our attention to detail and the pride we take in offering only the highest quality red carpets is one reason why we get so much repeat and referral business from satisfied customers.

If you have any questions on selecting the perfect red carpet for your upcoming birthday celebration, please feel free to contact us for assistance today.

March 15, 2014
by eventrugs

Logo Rugs & Carpets as Marketing Materials

red carpets

At every special event and themed event there is likely to be one thing present that offers multiple types of value: a carpet. Logo rugs and carpets offer a way for businesses and companies to endorse their product or services without doing too much. Businesses have been using logo carpets for marketing purposes for decades and the reason is simple: it works. Placing one’s logo on an aisle runner, rug or carpet can ensure optimal visibility for all event guests and even passersby.

Special Events

If a business is holding a special event such as an anniversary party, commemoration, or even networking gathering, having a carpet that incorporates the business’ logo can attract the right attention. A red carpet runner, for example, ushers in guests in an elegant way and as they make their way to the main room for the event, they will likely take notice of the logo. Chances are, a business’ logo will be imprinted in their minds subconsciously, especially if the red carpet manufacturer does the job right.

Entry Mat

Even if the purpose for the logo rug is not for a special event, there are other ways to market oneself. Logo entry mats are popular items that, again, usher in guests, clients, and others into a business and exposes them to the brand. An entry mat with the business’ logo can present clients with a way to remember that business with a visual effect. Some businesses even buy red carpets with logos on them to make clients feel important and prestigious. These entry mats or red carpets are effective methods for brand visibility.

No matter the reason, event or attractive entryway, businesses can benefit from the added exposure of their brand through logo carpets. It is one of the best marketing methods that are cost-effective.

March 7, 2014
by eventrugs

Logo Rugs for Kids

buy a red carpet

What do your kids do in their bedrooms? Besides sleeping, they probably also play, socialize and daydream in their rooms. Personalize their space and make it inviting when you buy a red carpet or logo carpet to dress up the space.

Customizable logo carpets allow you or your children to create designs that are catchy and appealing. Use a picture from an art project he drew or decorate the carpet with her favorite flowers. Add a favorite quote, and you have a carpet that inspires your children every time they walk into their room.

Sports and hobby carpets also appeal to your kids and personalize their rooms. Logos of soccer balls, tap shoes or horses reflect the interests and talents your kids possess. We also print professional sports team logos onto carpets as your kids cheer on their favorite team.

Additionally, we can cut the carpets into unique shapes that fit in unusual spaces. With this technology, your kids can decorate their reading nook with a square carpet, surround the bed with a circle carpet moat or zigzag around and under furniture.

Available carpet colors include beige and dark beige, black, bright blue and dark blue, burgundy, green and lime green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. With this varied selection, choose a carpet that matches existing decor or your kids’ favorite colors.

The sky’s the limit when you select a logo. Likewise, we take pride in producing quality carpets that are made to withstand play dates and quiet time. Whether you design custom logos or want to buy red carpets that match the rooms’ decor, we’re here to help you personalize and create a unique room that bring your children’s bedrooms to life.


March 4, 2014
by eventrugs

Red Carpets for Children’s Birthday Parties

A very special occasion

No one quite understands the importance of a child’s birthday party until they have a child of their own. It’s not just a party. It’s a milestone. It’s a memory. It’s a way of telling your child just how very important he or she is to you. For these reasons — and others — you want that special day to be very special indeed.

The best party ever

If you want this year’s birthday to be the best party yet, try thinking a little outside the box. Consider a theme party, for instance, with all the guests coming in costume. Your child’s friends could come as their favorite character from the Harry Potter books or even their favorite rock star.

How about putting on a miniature version of the Academy Awards? Have each child dress as an actor or actress and let them walk down a red carpet runner as they enter the party. Each can be a mega star on their way to accepting that Oscar. Station some parents along the sidelines with their cameras, and you’ve got your own instant pack of paparazzi.

A dramatic entrance

Even if you don’t want a themed party, you might still want to buy a red carpet. Just think how special your child will feel making the big entrance to their birthday party in real, red-carpet style. They’re the star of this show, after all, at least for this one special day. Don’t they deserve a dramatic entrance? Add a crown and a stole and a bit of sparkly lip gloss, and your little girl can be Kate Middleton for the day. With a turned up collar and that iconic wave of a hairdo, your little boy can be transformed into Justin Bieber.

February 25, 2014
by eventrugs

Awards Season

If you’re a film lover, you’re no doubt aware that all of the “important” and “critically acclaimed” Hollywood films come out around the end of the year. When it comes to big cinema releases, a calendar year is typically divided into three sections. Summer is reserved for big budget spectacle, while fall and winter are reserved for classier films. Then the early months of the year are when all of the awards shows take place.

Taking place on March 2nd, the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, is the biggest award show of the year. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hands out dozens of awards to the best films of the year. Some of the categories include Best Picture, Best Film Score and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Another awards ceremony that is just around the corner is the Independent Spirit Awards. As its name suggests, these awards are designed to highlight independent films that were released throughout the year that may get overlooked by the bigger ceremonies. The Independent Spirit Awards normally take place on the Saturday before the Oscars. Most recently, the event has been shown in the Independent Film Channel each year.

If you’re excited for the upcoming award shows and plan on throwing an award show party, you’ll want to know where to buy red carpet. Take a look at Event Rugs for more information. Doing so will help turn a good awards show party into a great one.

February 18, 2014
by eventrugs

Have a Hollywood-themed Wedding

When one cinema aficionado marries another, the theme for the upcoming wedding is painfully obvious. (Anything short of a Hollywood themed wedding just won’t do). When you begin looking around for certain elements, there are always a few key aesthetic choices that you’re going to need to keep in mind.

One element that will help make your Hollywood-themed wedding complete is the red carpet. If an event as important as the Academy Awards can have a red carpet, your wedding should certainly be no different.

Another element that you’re going to want to think about for a Hollywood-themed wedding is your entry and exit music. Though a few key tunes have a long tradition of being played at nearly every wedding, consider “his and hers” choices of music from the scores of your favorite Hollywood films. You can often buy complete orchestral scores from major motion pictures, both online and in electronics and media stores in your area.

Another part of a Hollywood-themed wedding that you don’t want to overlook are the centerpieces. Centerpieces are a great way to incorporate your theme into the event on a large scale. If you’re the type of person who likes classical Hollywood films, for example, consider centerpieces that incorporate themes from the various movies that you love.

If you’re the type of person who also likes award winning films, consider a centerpiece that closely resembles the Oscar award that is given out at the Academy Awards each year. These types of elements will really help bring the entire ceremony together in a big way.