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Do Not Store Unclean Red Carpets


where to buy red carpetIf you are wrapping up your red carpet runner from an event, it is important to clean it before rolling it up and storing it away. Any debris or moisture can lead to a stain if the red carpet is rolled up and shoved into a closet for a long period of time. Each of those markings or stains can, over time, settle in and become permanent. As a result, your formerly gorgeous red carpet might become a stained eyesore by the next time you break it out.

Beyond simply vacuuming and taking time to blot any spills out of the carpet, you might also consider shaking out portions of the carpet or literally beating it with a broom. This will remove any food particles that might have found its way into your carpet. Those crumbs, if left, might attract pests who could chew clear through your beloved luxury carpet.

Storing a red carpet is easy, but if done in a way that is haphazard, it can lead to damage and undue need for cleaning prior to your next event. Simple spills will likely be manageable with some work prior to storing. Anything that has settled will require, at least, a carpet shampooer. The added cleaning effort will pay off in the end!

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